Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Studio diary, weeks 3–4

Been pretty busy. All recording is done—guitar, bass, vocals—and the album is fully arranged and everything. The only bits left to do are tweaking the drums, adding samples and effects, and final mixing (though the preliminary mixing I've been doing while putting together the recordings has been sounding really good).

I was thinking about posting a teaser clip, but it's not quite ready for that yet. Maybe in a couple days. But on the other hand, the whole thing will be ready in about two weeks anyway. There's no album title or artwork yet, though most of the songs are titled. We're looking at eight tracks, in the vein of Torchbearer with a bit of Primitive Circuitry thown in.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Studio diary, week 2

Honestly, not much to report. I've been spending most of the time meticulously arranging guitar tracks—chopping the takes up into little pieces, fixing up a few sloppy bits, and gluing them together into four huge tracks.

Since I finished that I've been busy with other stuff, but I have been rehearsing and making final arrangements for vocals, which I'll start recording tomorrow (then bass is next week, I think?) Hopefully I'll have enough stuff prepared to post a teaser of some kind by then, as well.

My attempt to schedule everything out on a day-by-day basis turned out to not work so well; at least, things take a bit longer than I plan and real life tends to get in the way. Regardless, everything should definitely still be done early next month.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Studio diary, week 1

Just finished three days' worth of laying down some guitar tracks. I've giving myself an extra day to record any supplementary stuff, but for the most part all the guitar work is done—three hours' worth of raw recordings as of now. I'm moving on to recording bass guitar late next week, but not before a million hours of chopping up those guitar takes and arranging the best ones into something that sounds relatively cohesive.

I actually have a schedule drawn up for all the work that needs done, and it's pointing to sometime in mid-August for an actual release. But there's quite a bit to be done before that will happen.

I repurposed part of my basement into a studio for the time being. I just got this desk and there's already too much crap for it to comfortably hold...