Saturday, June 20, 2009

woo more delays

so apparently Audacity thought it would be cool to just delete some of my bass recordings for Ectype. what a jerk. and of course I decided not to bring my bass with me for whatever reason. I could record using another bass but nobody here owns a 5-string (what is the world coming to?). of course this might have something to do with having no space on my hard drive, but regardless, I need to re-record stuff. friggin computers.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

CD-Rs: an idea

so I had this crazy thought today... I've heard several people express interest in getting physical copies of Deterior stuff. of course pressing CDs is way out of my budget (I almost literally have no money at the moment), so I was thinking about a simple on-demand CD-R system. so if you wanted a CD of an album or whatever, I'd whip one up and send it your way. probably something cheap like $5, same as the tapes.

if this sounds cool, leave a comment! I'm lonely.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I am currently away from the studio, and will be for at most the next 3 months or so. so if you want to order a tape, I will probably not be able to ship it out until late September at the latest. sorry about all that but it's more or less beyond my control. sort of.

on the other hand, I will have lots more time to work on stuff, so Ectype (which has been sitting on my computer untouched for a long time as the school year was ending) will finally get proper engineering/mixing/mastering pretty soon. so look for that in perhaps mid-July?

oh and don't forget to check out the GarageMonkey Productions blog; there's been quite a few new things popping up over there.