Sunday, September 18, 2011

Recording, more!

My Internet access is back, so I can post here consistently now! This past week I have had tons of free time so I went ahead and recorded all the guitar parts for the new album. The new guitar and distortion pedal sounded fantastic, so thanks to everyone who has donated at my Bandcamp page, you've helped make the new stuff sound good! More or less it's a continuation of the sound of the last album, maybe a bit more death metal and post-hardcore influence, which is pretty interesting.

Hopefully I will make some decent progress on vocals this week, but we will see; I think I want to get some more rehearsing in first. One of the more common complaints about Primitive Circuitry was the vocals, so that's something I'm going to try to focus on a bit more heavily. (Gotta give the people what they want!)

Still gonna say November for a tentative release. Haven't made any decisions on titles or art or anything like that yet.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


So this time I have a good excuse for not updating this blog: I just moved and haven't had consistent Internet access for a week, nor will I for another week. However, not having Internet means that I am forced to be more productive. And I have been! In the last couple of days I recorded all the major bass guitar parts. I might have to re-record some bits or later but for now that's all completely done. I will do guitar and vocals probably all in the coming week (I finally got new strings too so I should be all set).

So if I get recording done this coming week, let's say I'll probably have all the sounds laid down at the end of the month, spend October mixing, and maybe it will be out in November.

We'll see, as usual.