Friday, May 6, 2011

Album progress update

Hello everyone! I figured I'd do a bit of posting about how the new music is coming along. I've decided that I'm done writing demos and have picked out eight of them to become fully-fledged songs on the new album. Right now I'm working on getting the preliminary order worked out, and pretty soon I'm going to start writing the tabs, editing arrangements, and writing lyrics.

The songs themselves have turned out great so far. They're not too terribly different in style from those on Primitive Circuitry, maybe with a little extra post-hardcore influence. Of course as always I'm trying to do something different / new / experimental with them all and we'll see how that goes. Well, I'm liking them so far and so should any fans of the last album.

It's been a slow process so far, but as I've said before I've had a lot on my plate lately, which is going to change drastically in the next few weeks, and I think I'll have a lot more time to do work on music this summer. I'm going to try to get it out before the calendar year is up, which should be doable, but I'm not going to speculate on that any further at this point.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Here it is, finally: four covers given the Deterior treatment. I can't put it on Bandcamp because of their terms and conditions, and Mediafire appears to be broken, so here it is on Multiupload instead. MP3)

  • label: GarageMonkey Productions (GMP-027)
  • format: digital file
  • released: 3 May 2011
  • time: 21:27
  • recorded and engineered by Andrew Arnold in Studio 205 from 2009–2010
  • mixed and mastered by Andrew Arnold Studio 205 in April 2011
  • cover art: Deterior
  1. Screaming at a Wall (4:18) [Minor Threat]
  2. Light Leaves (5:12) [Why?]
  3. The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack (5:44) [Liars]
  4. Waiting Room (Version 2) (6:13) [Fugazi]