Sunday, June 14, 2009

CD-Rs: an idea

so I had this crazy thought today... I've heard several people express interest in getting physical copies of Deterior stuff. of course pressing CDs is way out of my budget (I almost literally have no money at the moment), so I was thinking about a simple on-demand CD-R system. so if you wanted a CD of an album or whatever, I'd whip one up and send it your way. probably something cheap like $5, same as the tapes.

if this sounds cool, leave a comment! I'm lonely.


  1. ahahha cool man, if you could ship it to Brazil i'd buy for sure xD

  2. I can ship anywhere the post will go. Hopefully.

  3. haha seriously?! i loved music for automata, i'd love to have a cd copy of it! let's talk more by e-mail ok? loonrafael'AT'hotmail'DOT'com (: