Sunday, July 12, 2009

CD-Rs: a reality

thanks to fan input (yeah I do listen to you) I'm working on releasing a limited CD-R run of the following:

  • Music for Tapes, a compilation of all three noise tapes—yes, including the as-yet-unreleased final installment Music for Battery
  • Antimonument

due to demand these will be available very soon. both are going to be very limited (depending on demand, really) so when I finally get around to fixing my PayPal store act fast.

update one: inserts have been printed. they look badass except I didn't measure quite right and I have to trim them a lot. that's what I get for being hasty.

update two: I now have some CDs and cases; I'll have them packaged up by the end of the week.

update three: masters have been burned. it sounds great even with my crappy earbuds (I'll need to listen on good stereo later).

update four: attempts to spray a test disc with engine enamel spray paint went okay. probably Saturday I'll whip up a batch of decorated discs, as tomorrow I'll be spending the day in Pittsburgh.

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