Saturday, September 10, 2011


So this time I have a good excuse for not updating this blog: I just moved and haven't had consistent Internet access for a week, nor will I for another week. However, not having Internet means that I am forced to be more productive. And I have been! In the last couple of days I recorded all the major bass guitar parts. I might have to re-record some bits or later but for now that's all completely done. I will do guitar and vocals probably all in the coming week (I finally got new strings too so I should be all set).

So if I get recording done this coming week, let's say I'll probably have all the sounds laid down at the end of the month, spend October mixing, and maybe it will be out in November.

We'll see, as usual.


  1. I think ectype needs to be your new header

    yay for recording

  2. yeah I do need to change the header; I do like the Tidal art but it's time for a change... I was thinking making it themed with the new album art, whenever I figure out what that'll be