Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lifting of the Veil

I am very pleased to release my newest EP, entitled Lifting of the Veil. A bit more experimental, a bit more noisy/drony.

  • label: GarageMonkey Productions (GMP-005)
  • format: digital file
  • released: 15 July 2008
  • time: 19:26
  • recorded and engineered by Andrew Arnold in Basement Studio during June 2008
  • mixed and mastered by Andrew Arnold in Basement Studio during July 2008
  • cover art: Katsushika Hokusai


this record was entirely produced by deterior; however various sound samples used were kindly borrowed from the following: freesound users digifishmusic, jackwheatley, ERH, oyenstikker, nicstage, Pooleside, the_semen_incident. all content remains copyright © the original owner.

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