Wednesday, August 13, 2008

what I am doing now

aside from accidentally bashing my guitar on things, going to work, and listening to music more than I should be, I'm working on writing new music, as I've said. I've only got about a month left before I head back to Columbus, where I will be without an amplifier and likely a microphone, so I'm recording jams and feedback and noise while making feeble attempts at writing and recording vocals while I have time. when I get back to school, I probably won't have as much time to crank stuff out.

I've had a few interesting concepts for what the new studio album is going to be like, which I'm not going to divulge at the moment in case it ruins anything. I am planning on releasing it early next year (hopefully; I guess it depends on a lot of things). I'm also throwing around ideas about a couple new EPs as well, with some sort of re-composition theme. (of others' work.) and though that sounds really lame, it's not. trust me.

eh. I seem to like EPs a lot. they're a lot easier to deal with than albums. simpler.

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