Sunday, November 9, 2008

release updates

I've been holding out long enough, I suppose. here's what's coming out in the next couple of months.

1. Music for Nucleonics

another experimental EP; this is that noise stuff I mentioned earlier in the summer. tentative release date is December 2. I think I have a bit more to work out with the mix.

tracks: 1) Decay I 2) Sferic 3) Decay II

2. Cleanse

my second full-length album that I've been steadily cranking away at since the summer. it's not even done being recorded yet (but it's close!) but I have a lot of details worked out about it. tentative release date is January 2009.

tracks: 1) Cleanse: Tower to Sky 2) Syzygy 3) Solace 4) Tidal 5) Cassini I 6) Cassini II 7) Voyager 8) New Truth 9) Terminus ad quem
cover: here

3. Tidal

the first single to Cleanse, and a single proper, with a b-side and everything! probably out in like February.

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