Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ectype (and other) details

okay so apparently I have failed to say anything detailed about the covers EP Ectype that's in the works. right now it's looking like it's going to be four songs, covering Depeche Mode, Why?, Liars, and Venetian Snares. currently everything but the bass is recorded and I'm mixing stuff. unfortunately it's been taking a while because I've been really busy with school; fortunately that's winding down soon. hopefully it will be ready to go in June or July.

of course we also have the final noise tape, Music for Battery, has been finished for a while and is awaiting pressing. that may happen this weekend, actually. as the name implies the sounds are drum-based, and it's much harsher and more textured than Music for Automata (at least, I think so). that may be out in July or August or something like that. a re-recording of the debut EP World is sort of underway as well. the third album is in planning stages (for release no earlier than 2010), and if I'm ambitious enough there may be a new EP out before then too. we shall see...

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