Wednesday, September 9, 2009


two songs have been written for the upcoming new album. of course I may not use them, or rewrite them, or whatever; but the point is I am actually making some progress.

on that note, I'm moving back to my Columbus studio in a couple weeks to finish off Ectype. Music for Battery should be out soon after that, though I still haven't even gotten the tapes pressed (yeah, I've been lazy).


  1. Why are you re-recording "World"? And I'm confused by "third album" (on the left side of the screen)... wouldn't the album be greater than just third? I'm assuming the songwriting is for the "third" album, then.

    Mrawn! Confused.

  2. I'm re-recording World because I initially wanted to just remaster it, but I've lost the original masters.

    And I am writing songs for a third album. The first two were Antimonument and Cleanse.