Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Give Me Covers or Give Me Death!

Tomorrow, an album is being released by members of Rate Your Music which consists of covers of '70s and '80s punk classics. Among the tracks is my own cover of Minor Threat's "Screaming at a Wall". I'm handing out this link a day early; I hope nobody gets mad at me for it.

Download at Mediafire

  • Self-released (#RYM 004) digital file, 9 December 2010
  • Mastered by Nap; art by Luís Felipe Rocha

  1. China Girl – New York [Sex Pistols]
  2. Paulie Jay – Love Song [The Damned]
  3. ATSEA & Nun the Wiser – It Was Cold [The Ruts]
  4. The Transparent Nudes – Final Solution [Pere Ubu]
  5. Andrew Sacher – Blank Generation [Richard Hell & the Voidoids]
  6. Nap – Sonic Reducer [Dead Boys]
  7. Jef Leeson – Tired of Waking Up Tired [The Diodes]
  8. Nervousbreakdance – Let's Lynch the Landlord [Dead Kennedys]
  9. Modest View – Split Myself in Two [Meat Puppets]
  10. Evilface – Oh Shit [Buzzcocks]
  11. Kelly Kish – Because You're Young [Cock Sparrer]
  12. Iakov – American Waste [Black Flag]
  13. Deterior – Screaming at a Wall [Minor Threat]
  14. Husten – Dicks Hate the Police [Dicks]
  15. Push Off – Skulls [The Misfits]
  16. Lundegaard – Judy Is a Punk [Ramones]
  17. Ezreal – I'm Bored [Iggy Pop]
  18. Tomas Ahlin – The Nightmare Continues [Discharge]
  19. Cinematery – Subliminal [Suicidal Tendencies]
  20. The Modern Weapons – Bikeage [Descendents]

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