Thursday, July 28, 2011


Just finished a full bass rehearsal of my new, re-arranged demos; it's sounding really good. I'm enjoying the heavier and more punk-influence direction things are taking. Also, I seem to have forgotten how much better playing fingerstyle sounds with the bass and I'm pretty sure I'm going to ditch the pick entirely for this album; I don't think it really has a place in the new stuff. I've already started tracking the drums for the finished product (one song done, out of seven) and hope to record guitar and bass during the next month. Vocals will have to wait for a bit since I've still barely written any lyrics. It's a tough job. In the meantime, more rehearsing. I think the vocals are going to sound better this time around. There were some complaints about the last album but I've practiced quite a bit since then.

Hopefully I'll be updating more next month when I get down to business with recording. We'll see, as always.

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