Sunday, August 7, 2011

New gear!

I had been thinking about getting a new guitar to record the new album. I've had my current one, the Ibanex EX 370 (I talked about it a bit here) for I think about six or seven years now and while it's held up all that time it's really not that great of a guitar; it has obnoxious features and it's a bit beat up and doesn't sound all that great. So I was going to look around at some stores, see what struck my fancy; I wound up getting a new one on the first day I went looking (Saturday, at Woodsy's in Kent, Ohio): a Schecter Omen-6:

(Not my photo, although it's the same exact thing except with all-black pickups.)

It's not an expensive guitar, but it's new and very well-built (Schecter is a great brand, from what I've played before) and it sounds awesome with my Metal Muff. (I'm pretty sure the Schecter Diamond series are designed specifically for playing metal anyway.) The only thing is it needs new strings and they closed the only good music store in Columbus that I know of.


  1. Thursday? I thought we went saturday...... hey you happy we didn't drive all the way up to sam ash and guitar center now?

  2. yeah I'm not sure why I said Thursday, it was definitely Saturday... and yes, I am glad we didn't go up to Guitar Center or Sam Ash