Monday, April 28, 2008


this is my first release, a five-song EP that came out in September 2007. it isn't exactly something I'm proud of anymore, considering how much I believe I've changed musically since it came out, but everyone has to start somewhere.

it is no longer available for download, and will never be re-released.

  • label: GarageMonkey Productions (GMP-001)
  • format: digital file, limited CD-R
  • released: 7 September 2007
  • time: 29:54
  • recorded and engineered by Andrew Arnold in Basement Studio from summer 2006–summer 2007
  • mixed and mastered by Kevin Crowl in Basement Studio in September 2007
  • cover art: Deterior
  1. Steeper (5:56)
  2. What I Leave (6:44)
  3. [untitled] (2:21)
  4. Dividation (6:19)
  5. World (8:34)

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