Tuesday, June 17, 2008

new stuff (2)

okay, so I figured I'd reveal a little info (what's been confirmed so far) about the new releases.

Spire still isn't finished. I hope to get one more remix from a friend but haven't heard back from him with it at this point. consequently, I've not really been working on the other mixes so much. but I still really hope to put this out soon.

and so, the mysterious new ep... I am wrapping up recording bass (and vocals!) for it and doing a load of mixing. the ep is called Lifting of the Veil and will have 3 tracks, running around 17-18 minutes or so. so far it's turning out to be a lot more experimental than my previous stuff; I think it's really great though... but we'll see, I guess. it'll probably be out in July.

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